Discover what madness tastes like

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Discover what madness tastes like

Beatnik Restaurant & Bar has positioned itself as one of the best restaurants in Palma. It isn't just for its transgressive fusion cuisine concept but also because it offers a leisure experience in the centre of the city, perfect for those looking to enjoy not only one of the best rated places to have lunch or dinner on the island but also a perfect place to listen to live music with the best DJs in Palma.

From Thursday to Sunday, Beatnik offers events and experiences in the centre of Palma, and guests participate in its cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a good cocktail in Palma.

But Beatnik is not only famous for being one of the best bars in Palma in which to toast with fun cocktails and listen to live music from our resident DJs. Its transgressive fusion cuisine has been a real revolution for foodies who satisfy their appetite through new experiences with our chef's fun and attractive recipes, creating flavoursome and colourful dishes whose original plating delights our followers on our socials or draw them to the restaurant to savour for themselves. Examples of this are our classics: the TNT prawns (a tribute to Purobeach) or the irresistible Guanajuato tacos. 

Veggie palates will also find various options, such as our famous roast pumpkin and spinach risotto, making us the perfect choice for those looking for vegetarian restaurants in Palma.

But this year's new dishes have undoubtedly allowed us to stand out as one of the most original restaurants in Palma: our flambéed gourmet pizza or our Beatnik Boxes, in which we serve steaming oven-baked recipes, packing extraordinary flavour.

In addition, this year, we have also expanded our spaces to offer different environments in which to savour our experience. The interior patios of Puro Hotel Oasis Urbano and Puro Grand Hotel become the perfect setting to enjoy a lovely summer dinner outdoors in the city centre. What's more, for those looking for restaurants in Palma with private dining for events or private celebrations, our private room is perfect to live the Beatnik Restaurant & Bar experience in an exclusive way.

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